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Who requires an EPC?

As of the 21st May 2010, if you decide to place your property on the market for sale or rent in the UK you will need to purchase an EPC. Since April 2018 it is also a legal requirement for the EPC rating to be a minimium of an ‘E’ rating in order for that property to be let to a tenant.

What areas do you cover?

EPC Bournemouth cover all areas in the districts of Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch.

How do I book my EPC?

You can easily book your EPC via the Call or Text me Green Buttons, or use the Call Me Back form.


Landlord Notice

Currently all private rental properties in Bournemouth must achieve an energy efficiency rating of at least an E on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If your property has an F or G Rating you may not be allowed to rent it out. Please call us for advice on how to improve the EPC rating. We are Recognised Suppliers to The National Residential Landlords Association since 2018.